Password Managers and Password Security Online

Did you know that 81% of successful data breaches involve stolen or compromised passwords?  That’s why it’s critical that we don’t use weak or repeated passwords for our online accounts–especially at work, where we have an obligation to protect the data of our patrons, donors, and colleagues.

In this training, we will:

  • Talk about the importance of password security;
  • Discuss how password managers help you create and remember strong, unique passwords for your online accounts; and
  • Demonstrate how to use a password manager.

This training will be held online over Zoom. A link will be sent to registrants prior to the event.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm
  Directors     Staff  
  Continuing Education  
This is an online event. Event URL will be sent via registration email.
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